Thank you for always providing expedient service.  You’re a gem!


Thank you very much — will definitely recommend your services to inquirers!

Law Enforcement Agency

Thank you so much for getting this done – you’re so fast!

Government paralegal

Our office recently used your services to transcribe a hearing and we very much enjoyed working with you.


I will say that I am floored with the level of service I’m getting. I’ve recommended you a few times now to other paralegals.


Shepard Transcription provides outstanding service. They worked with me to get the audio recording to them in short order and provided the transcript when promised. Contact Shepard Transcription for all your legal transcribing needs. You will not be disappointed!

Pro Se Client

We have been working with and relying on Peg for nearly a decade.  One thing that sets Peg aside from other transcriptionists in the legal field is that she always, always, always goes above and beyond. Peg is dependable, always fits us in, and her attention to detail (even after typing away at all hours of the night) is beyond exceptional. An example of Peg’s willingness to go above and beyond: one time she dropped everything she was working on to produce a hearing transcript overnight.  Not only did she stay up all night to get the job done, she drove the original to the courthouse the next morning, so it could be used and considered for a trial. Thank you Peg for helping make our jobs a little easier!


During the past 15 months I have been working with Shepard Transcription to finalize a lengthy, complex and multi-layered report.  The requirement in this document was to take more than 200 individuals spanning nearly 40 years, and placing the information into a logical, readable flow of information.  Shepard Transcription produced a deliverable document truly worthy of the importance of the subject matter.  Shepard Transcription was helpful for me in the preparation of the document, but also the final report demonstrated her quality of work, attention to detail and commitment to excellence.  I can’t say enough how much I appreciate the work you have done to make this project a truly professional presentation. 

Highly recommended

D.L. Private Investigator

I worked with Peg for five years until I retired and left the state. I could not have run my business without her. She did a brilliant job for me. She met my deadlines, working weekends if necessary. The accuracy of her transcription was great and her medical background was a tremendous asset.

If you need transcription services, hire Peg. You can’t go wrong.


Forensic Psychologist

You transcribed several interviews for a police IA investigation and did a great job.

Law enforcement administrator-returning client

I have reviewed all three transcripts. They are exceptional.

Pro se client

Thank you Peg! Much appreciated! 

We really enjoy working with you!

Paralegal/Office manager

Thank you so much for your prompt response Peg! You are awesome! 


Received.  Perfection.  THIS is why you are so damn busy!!!


Thank you for all of your prompt and thorough work.


Occupational Therapist

I was recently referred to Shepard Transcription. I’ve been absolutely floored by the level of service Ms. Shepard has provided. I was told Shepard Transcription was great. It’s not often that a business will live up to the hype. I unequivocally recommend Shepard Transcription for your transcription needs.

T. H.


When time was short on a case, Peg Shepard provided me with top quality transcription and file review services on a moment’s notice, arranging her schedule to respond to our needs. I would hire her again.

A. D.


I have used numerous court reporters over the years. I have been extremely pleased with the service and quality of work done by Peg Shepard. She goes out of her way to meet (and often beat) the tight deadlines we are so often confronted with. I recommend her without hesitation.



Thank you so much. You’ve been truly wonderful and such a blessing!

M. O.


Thank you very much for all you have done for _______ and me.

B. W


Thank you. We really appreciate how you go out of your way to accommodate us.


First class transcription service! Five-star customer service! Highly recommended!


Private Investigator

Our office has been using Peg for transcription for many years. She is reliable, punctual and accessible. We have had rush jobs and Peg has always been there for us. Peg is a wonderful resource and I would recommend her to anyone.

J. R.


You can hire Peggy Shepard with confidence. I have been retaining her for transcription services for years. She provides excellent turn-around and accuracy of transcription even with source materials recorded under less-than-ideal conditions (sometimes completely unintelligible) from media including, inter alia, court recordings, and voice mail. She can predict with accuracy what her charges are going to be, and she goes above and beyond her client’s expectations to return completed transcripts quickly.  Her medical background gives her valuable insight into the issues that arise in complex litigation related to family law and personal injury law. Should you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me for more information.

E. P.


Peg is a terrific transcriptionist. She has a very fast turn-around with excellent accuracy. She quickly communicates questions and is willing to do the work to generate as accurate a transcript as possible. As an RN, she can handle medical as well as legal terminology. I highly recommend her.

H. S.






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