Serving clients regionally (Tacoma, Puyallup, Seattle) and across the nation.

Since 1998, I have transcribed court hearings, witness interviews, medical chart notes, public meetings and standard dictation. I also transcribe voicemail, text messages, and audio from videos for court proceedings. I have the ability to embed screen shots, and video frames into transcripts – my years of experience have led to the best methods of getting significant information from these sources in front of the court in the most effective manner.


Audio Transcription

Past and current clients include:



Business owners

HOA/covenant associations

Department of Assigned Counsel

Forensic psychologists

Government institutions

Pro se litigants

Judicial officers

Non-profit organizations

Occupational therapists

PhD and Master’s degree candidates



Police departments

Private investigators

Pro se parties

Think tanks




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© Shepard Transcription 2018

© Shepard Transcription 2018